Encounter 2014
Research indicates that more students leave the faith in Middle and High school than in college. These are the years that shape their destiny. The fact is, middle school students have fragile hearts that can be set ablaze by sin in only a moment of compromise. Now, more than ever, middle school students need an ENCOUNTER with God.
ILCS/FLOCS National Educators Conference
Thursday, 8:30 AM - Friday, 1 PM
2014 ILCS/FLOCS National Educators Conference featuring Dr. Mark Rutland, and Rev. Alton Garrison will be held at the beautiful DoubleTree Hotel in Orlando, Florida.
Friday, 9 AM - 11 AM
This is the Annual Business Meeting for ILCS/FLOCS schools and is required for SoE status.
March 2015
LCS Festival
Friday, 12 PM - Saturday, 5 PM
The Festival allows students to perform or demonstrate their skills and talents in dozens of different categories and events. Each event is evaluated by three professional adjudicators who provided detailed evaluations of each performance, giving guidance and observations that will help students to overcome weaknesses and improve the presentation of their talents. The Festival features events for students in grades 3 through 12, and is hosted in Lakeland, Florida.

News and Updates
School Readiness and Gold Seal
On June 23, the Office of Early Learning issued a memo stating that centers utilizing School Readiness funds MUST select from the approved list of curriculum.

Compulsory School Immunizations Annual Report and Survey
Compulsory School Immunizations Annual Report and Surveys are due by October 1 for ALL K-12 schools...

School Invoice Scam Reaches FLOCS Schools
Across the nation, schools are receiving AND PAYING bogus invoices from a company called "Scholastic School Supply".

Private Schools Empower Principals
Recent report finds public school principals experience significantly more occurrences of physical conflict, bullying, and disrespect for teachers than private school principals.

International Students Overwhelmingly Attend Private Schools
An astounding NINETY-FIVE percent (95%) of international secondary students attend PRIVATE schools.

Schools of Excellence - Spring 2014
FLOCS announces the centers that have achieved SoE for Spring 2014!

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